Born in Syracuse, NY 1979
Lives and Works in San Francisco


2016   I Don't Mind, Field Work, Pittsburgh

2014   Stars That Shine Darkly, Park Life, San Francisco

2013   A Ghost Of A Chance, The Shooting Gallery, San Francisco
           One Never Knows, FTC, Tokyo
           Here and There, Integral 03, Taipei

2012   Straight Ahead, Park Life, San Francisco

2011   The Last Time It Was Gray (with Sadie Barnette), Park Life, San Francisco

2010   Of The Living Sky, Park Life, San Francisco

2009   Ian Johnson, White Walls, San Francisco

2008   Other Rooms, Other Songs, Park Life, San Francisco

2008   Ian Johnson and Albert Reyes, White Walls, San Francisco

2007   Moods In Free Time, Park Life, San Francisco

2004   Alone Together, Future Primitive, San Francisco


2015   Gatherings & Conversations, Guerrero Gallery, San Francisco
           House Warming, Athen B. Gallery, Oakland

2014   Mini Mansion, Guerrero Gallery, San Francisco
           Blue Note 75 Exposition / Sound & Graphics, Fort de Bruissin, Lyon

2013   Library, Creme de la creme, Tokyo

2012   Season Opener!, Guerrero Gallery, San Francisco

2010   Diverse Chorus, Scoop, Charleston, SC
           100 Records, Gallery 16, San Francisco

2007   Cascading Piles of Debris, Ok Ok, Seattle
           My Favorite Color, White Walls, San Francisco

2006   Clement Cement, 3131, San Francisco

2005   Flanuer, Punch Gallery, San Francisco

2002   Test Group, Fifty 24 SF, San Francisco


“I Know You're Somewhere”
Published by Gingko Press & Park Life, 2015

“Beauty Is A Rare Thing”
Published by Paper Museum Press, 2008


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